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Writing is a natural expression of life experiences.  Who you are, where have you been, what you believe and the circle of friends you have, create the author’s essence.  Having friends and family support my efforts is foremost in developing my skills as an author.


When I plot a storyline, I remember the joys and the sorrows that family and friends have shared with me.  What we have experienced together gives my writing its life spark.  Many of my characters are fashioned after friends and family.  I am fortunate to have this group which enables me to create vivid characters.

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As authors, we all have strengths and weaknesses.  Write in your area of strength and do not be afraid to change characters so they fit into your plot and its surroundings.


The influence of my childhood memories, my friends and family, my love of Mother Nature’s splendor, and the characters interactions – good vs. evil, strength vs. weakness, love vs. hatred and the sway of the Mother God are all at the core of my writing. 

Our human experiences shape our lives.  We see the beauty and splendor of Nature’s world but at times we ignore and neglect the beauty and marvel of human relationships.

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I am amazed by the apathy and the lack of compassion men have for women.  My blog, “The Journey of Womankind”, expresses my views of human relationships around the world and in America. 


Our lives are shaped by historical human experiences.  Is it time to change these attitudes and develop new relationships between women and men?  Fifteen thousand readers of my blog are interested in the human experience and how it shapes our existence.